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Baton Rouge Family Session (Amanda + Brighton + Patrick)

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Something magical happens during golden hour that inspires me so much! The first golden hour shoot I ever did was a cute collab with some extremely talented photographers. I was a bit out of my league and had no idea what I was doing or how to use the light to create the look I was going for, but I walked away in awe of the photos anyway. I've come so far since that day and I have a strong grasp on lighting now, but truthfully I've just never gotten over the beauty that happens during this time! God's creations are breathtaking and this is definitely one of the beautiful gifts He has given us.

This session was a mix of golden our (right before sunset) and blue hour (right after sunset) These times are like my version of Disney World, except they happen every day lol! I get so excited when the lighting is just right! These dreamy photos are the result of planning a preschool graduation session and ending up with an impromptu lifestyle family session. Typically I stick to the session at hand but every now and then we all just get caught up in the moment. I did not expect this session to turn out as one of my all-time favorites but sometimes things just happen like that! I'm obsessed with these images and I hope you will get swept up in them just like I do every time I look back at them! (If you make it to the bottom you can see her adorable graduation photos!)

Amanda + Brighton + Patrick, thank you so much for allowing me to capture your beautiful family. Sometimes these spontaneous sessions end up being the best!

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