Elopement Special


When I think about a wedding day I instantly get swept up in this idea of a dreamy experience of intimacy between two people becoming one. This is what elopements are all about. When you strip away all the stress, all the months of planning and the crowd of people you get this quiet, peaceful moment shared by the bold individualists...the dreamers. You can go anywhere, say anything, and wear whatever dress you want. Lex and I live to tell your stories and this will certainly be one for the ages. We can't wait to capture it for you!

Nothing Fancy, Just Love.

Video Details

Abshire Films + Photos


  • 3-5 Minute Highlight Film

  • 1 Videographer w/ 2 Camera Setups

  • High Quality Audio Included (Personal Vows, Letter Readings, and much more)

  • Drone Footage Included (area permitting)

  • Separate Recording of Vows OR Letter Readings

  • High Quality Music for Highlight Film



Ashley Riddle Photography


  • 75-100 Fully Enhanced Images

  • 1 Photographer w/ Single Camera Setup

  • Provide professional poses on Elopement Day

  • Includes teeth whitening, blemish touch-ups, and skin smoothing

  • 24 hrs sneak peek (10 images)

  • Access to online gallery to view all images within 48 hours

  • Print Release

Also Included in Packaged Deal

  • Access to our Elopement Planning Guide

  • Location/Venue scouting to help you choose the perfect spot

  • A customized timeline for your unique elopement day

  • Tips and recommendations for your day

  • Access to us both for any support whenever you need it


Elopement Special


Ready to Book?

If you find yourself ready to book your Elopement then please take the time to fill out the contact form below. This will help streamline all inquires to insure the quickest response possible. We are only taking in a few elopements at this time and we will keep everyone updated for what the future may hold for more elopement bookings. Our goal is to insure the time and commitment that it takes for each elopement is given to our clients 110%. Your story is even more important to capture in every-way possible that is true to you so we appreciate you given us the opportunity to do so. We look forward to all inquiries and can’t wait to capture some amazing stories.

Meet Ashley


Some people are just born to create, I think that's why we are called "creatives." We are the deepest thinkers, feelers, and pursuers. Most of us thrive on pushing the limits and thinking outside the box. We are the ones who bring you music, photos, paintings, books and so many other beautiful things. Well, hi, this is me. I'm extremely passionate about the art that I create and the people I create it with. If you're looking for a photographer that will laugh with you, cry with you, and be by your side through the biggest milestones in your life then you've come to the right place. I want to be part of your story in whatever big or small way that I can be. I put my heart into every photo that I take and they all mean so much to me. I hope in return that they will mean just as much to you!

Meet Lex


To the core of who I am as a Filmmaker is all about story-telling. There’s a level of intimacy with elopements that a normal wedding day could never achieve. I believe in raw, authentic, and true to YOU moments that tell YOUR story. I don’t film every wedding or elopement the same way or have a cookie cutter approach for each film. I take the time to get know you as a couple. I ask questions that guide me to know what you would like in an elopement film. At the end of the day my goal is to become like your family in a way that I can appropriately tell your story. I’m so thrilled to have found my passion in filmmaking and I look forward to meeting you!